Advantages of SIM-only Contact

SIM-only plans come with SIMs loaded with data bundles, texts, and minutes (they do not come with a tablet or phone). Most of these deals have short contract durations; this gives you ample time to conduct constant comparisons to enable you update your choice of network provider any time you need to. When you subscribe for SIM-only contracts, you will enjoy convenience and affordability together with many other benefits.

Understanding SIM-Only Deals

When you subscribe to SIM-only contract from your preferred service provider, you will be presented with two payment options. You can either pay for calls, texts, and data on a monthly basis or go for the slightly costlier pay-as-you-go (PAYG) SIM-only contract option. PAYG option allows you to top up your SIM card with credit every time you wish to use any service.

With the SIM-only plan, you will have the opportunity to keep your favourite handset since as the name suggests, the plan comes with a SIM card only and not a new phone. One of the things that make this deal hassle free is the fact that all you need to do to start enjoying the services is to select a network tariff that will work best for you.


Why Subscribe to a Monthly SIM-Only Deal

In terms of affordability and convenience, SIM-only deals are leading in the market;

• There is freedom to choose a service provider of your choice – SIM-only deals will not tie you to lengthy contracts; the longest you can take in a single contract is 30 days. You, therefore, have the freedom to swap anytime you wish (terms and conditions will apply when you wish to swap).

• Costs much less compared to other annual and monthly plans – SIM-only deal providers are keen on making their services as affordable as possible; not only do they set reasonable data, texts, and airtime prices but also eliminate the cost of purchasing a new handset when you subscribe.

• You can keep your old phone – There are many reasons why it is great to continue using your previous handset when you subscribe to a new deal. Good news is that, this is possible with both monthly and PAYG SIM-only deals.

• They are flexible – Unsubscribe from long 12 months contracts and switch to a more flexible monthly deal with the SIM-only plans. You can change your tariff as you wish with these deals.

• Convenience – Texts, data, and minutes are at your disposal whenever you want to use them for the 30 days of your contract with the SIM-only deals.

• You can retain your previous mobile number – You will undergo a simple guided process to retain your number when you switch to SIM-only deals.

• Most of these plans have many superb network perks – Connect to the fast 4G network, get generous bonuses, and other awesome network benefits by subscribing to your preferred tariff from the numerous network providers in the UK.

• With this deal, the credit checks are less thorough.

PAYG SIM-Only Deals: The Advantage

Selecting a PAYG SIM-only deal allows you to control your data usage conveniently. Depending on the service provider you select, you can get free data boosts when you run out of the internet bundles. It is also possible to buy add-ons to ensure that you are always connected with friends.

Going SIM Free while you are subscribed to a SIM-Only Deal

Going SIM free is a perfect idea; great news is that you can subscribe to both SIM-only deal and SIM-free plan at a go. It is cheaper to shop for a phone and SIM separately compared to subscribing to monthly and PAYG mobile contracts that charge for both the SIM card and the handset. The SIM free phones are designed to support any type SIM card; it is, therefore, straightforward to merge your SIM-only contract with a SIM-free handset. SIM free phones:

• Are perfect for travellers – Since the SIM free phones can support any SIM card, you do not have to buy an extra device to make calls using a new number when you are out of the network coverage you are subscribed in.

• Do not have network locked features.

• Lack network brandings – No one wants a big logo on their new smartphone.
• Have high resale value.

It is not possible to merge SIM-free phones with lengthy contract deals; make an informed decision before making any subscription that will be limiting in the future.

Cons of SIM-Only Contracts

There are very few drawbacks of subscribing to SIM-only contracts that can be handled easily. For example, you will need to go through an unlocking process in case you were locked to the previous network provider. However, you will be guided throughout this process; there is no reason to worry. You might also experience some difficulties buying a new handset since this plans come with a SIM card only.

SIM-only Deal: Comparing It with Other Plans

Mobile Contracts

• Unlike the SIM-only deal, this plan comes with a new handset.

• You will undergo a credit check before you subscribe to this deal – The checks might be rigorous and intimidating; this puts SIM-only contract one step ahead.

Pay-As-You-Go Deals

The best thing about this deal is that this is not a contract and you can leave whenever you want; it does not have any credit checks. However, the deal might not have as many benefits and generous bonuses as most SIM-only deals have.

SIM-only contracts are the best deals that the UK has. Select a reputable network provider and subscribe to it. You can also purchase a SIM free phone to enhance your experience. From here, you will start enjoying calling, texting and browsing at affordable rates.

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