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The Complete Guide to Sim Only Plans

Mobile phone contracts were a mainstay in the telecommunications sector until the introduction of SIM only plans. SIM only plans offer consumers a flexible alternative when compared to the long-term mobile contracts.
If your mobile phone bill is skyrocketing every month, SIM only plans are just perfect for you. They offer you the much-needed freedom of an affordable and flexible mobile plan without a binding phone contract.
Today, SIM only plans offer big savings when compared to new phone contracts. They have a well-sorted call, data bundles and text plans tailored to suit your monthly mobile usage plan. In essence, you do not require an expensive phone contract when you can enjoy equal benefits with a SIM only plan.

Choosing an ideal SIM only plan
When evaluating your options on, which plan to consider, take into account your monthly mobile usage. Consider the minutes, texts and data you need for a month. However, there are SIM only plans that run for 12 months, which are some pounds cheaper than the monthly plans.
Once you have considered your monthly usage, there are two payment plans you can choose from. You can decide to pay monthly by direct debit, where the subscription runs until you cancel. You can also decide to choose the more preferred pay ad you go plan where you only need to top up your phone when you need to. On the latter plan, you will not be tied down to any contract.

Consider your mobile coverage
In the UK all telecom providers have SIM-only mobile plans. All you need to do is to select the provider with the strongest network in your locale and with the plan that matches your usage pattern. If you choose the 30-day contracts, you can cancel your plan without any penalties and try an alternative network.

Cost of SIM only plans
Different companies will avail their plans at varying costs, although due to competition the prices will roughly match. Before selecting any plan, compare the cost of the plans offered by each of the providers. Also, remember that the price will vary also based on the service provided. For example, 4G plans are more expensive than 3G plans in most instances.

SIM Card sizes
SIM cards come in four different types. There are nano SIMs, combi SIMs, mini SIMs and the micro SIMs. This means that you have to check which kind of SIM best suits your device for compatibility purposes. Usually, the combi SIM is the most popular as it supports two sizes of SIMs. Essentially, the combi is a standard SIM that has a micro SIM. For the earlier generation phones, you can use the whole SIM while for the newer phones you can use the micro SIM pop out.

4G versus 3G
Today, broadband networks run on either 3G or 4G. 4G is perfect for avid Internet users while the 3G platform is the most available mobile technology. However, over the last few years, 4G has improved greatly and is catching up with 3G in terms of area coverage. 4G has impressive internet speeds which are five times faster than 3G internet speeds.
If your monthly mobile usage is skewed towards more Internet usage than call and text, select a provider with the best 4G rates and coverage.

Unlocking your handset
At the end of your contract, your handset is in most instances locked to the original network provider. As such, you will need to unlock it so that it can be compatible with a SIM from another network provider. In the UK, phone unlocking is a legal process; hence you do not need to worry about it.
Phone unlocking involves entering a code from your initial network provider on your handset. In most cases this is enough; however, some phones require an expert to unlock which can cost you around 20 pounds.
When unlocking your phone do nor use any third party device or software that can damage your device. Also, keep in mind that phone unlocking may invalidate your phone’s warranty and is done at your own risk.
Once you have successfully unlocked your phone, you can select the SIM only plan deal that is perfect for you.

Are SIM only plans ideal for you?
SIM only plans are ideal for individuals who do not want to spend a fortune on a long mobile phone contract. They have a wide array of options and come in handy for individuals who are always on the move and need to change their mobile devices on regular bases. Their versatility also, is a plus for expats and tourists who are in the country for shorter periods.

In conclusion, SIM only plans are rising in popularity by the day due to their flexibility. Also, with a SIM only plan, you can tailor make your ideal usage plan. This means that you get to save more on phone bills at the end of the month. The above guide should guide you in choosing the perfect plan for your daily usage.

How Does a SIM Only Deal Work?

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